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Over 9000!!! by flags-are-awesome2 Over 9000!!! :iconflags-are-awesome2:flags-are-awesome2 1 0 Many 2p!Romanos by flags-are-awesome2 Many 2p!Romanos :iconflags-are-awesome2:flags-are-awesome2 1 0
Hetalia Birthday Game 2
1. Italy
2. Japan
3. Iceland
4. Norway
5. Germany
6. Sweden
7. Finland
8. England
9. America
10. France
11. China
12. Turkey
13. Greece
14. Spain
15. Austria
16. Romano
17. Russia
18. Canada
19. H.R.E
20. Poland
21. Lithuania
22. Latvia
23. Estonia
24. Netherlands
25. Prussia
26.  Romania
27. Sealand
28. Germania
29. Grandpa Rome
30. Thailand
31. Bulgaria
January: Throws a ball at you
February: Paints your house wicked hipster pink
March: Cleans your house
April: Eats your last cookie
May: Asks you to marry him
June: Licks your face
July: Kidnaps you
August: Pinches your cheeks
September: Annoys you
October: Slaps you
November: Gives you a present
December: Flirts with you
Fav. Color
Green: Because he likes you
Blue: Because he wanted to troll you
Red: Because he likes your smell
Pink: Because he thinks you are cute
Yellow: Because he hates you
Purple: Because he loves you
Black: Because he thought you looked sad
White: Because he is planning something
:iconflags-are-awesome2:flags-are-awesome2 2 12
Hetalia birthday game
Birth month:
January: Spain
February: Russia
March: America
April: Italy
May: France
June: China
July: England
August: Japan
September: Canada
October: Romano
November: Germany
December: Prussia
1: Trolled you
2: Stole your pants
3: Scared you
4: Danced with you
5: Baked you some cupcakes
6: Ate your banana
7: Stole your money
8: Stalks you
9: Took a photo of you
10: Kidnapped you
11: Insulted you
12: Smiled at you
13: Hugged you
14: Threw a tomato at you
15: Sniffed your face
16: Slapped you
17: Loves you
18: Hates you
19: Pranked you
20: Pushed you of a cliff
21: Stole your fridge
22: Killed your pet
23: Ignores you
24: Stole your car
25: Ate our  food
26: Poisoned you
27: Saved you
28: Laughs at you
29: Confessed their love to you
30: Glomped you
31: Kissed you
Color of shirt:
Pink: Because he thinks you're cute
Blue: Because he thinks you're beatiful
Black: Because you seemed to be sad
Green: Because he wanted to help you
Red: Because he secretly loves you
:iconflags-are-awesome2:flags-are-awesome2 2 41
The nice enemy
You weren't like the most people that were (your age).
You had superpowers. But only your friends knew that. At least that was what you thought.
You and your friends were sailing over the sea. It was only to protect you.
But then a pirateship came into your sight and they came right towards your ship.
~Flashback ends~
The pirateship stops next to your ship.
You wait for them to attack but nothing happens.
Your friends decide to investigate the pirateship.
After all of you were on the pirateship you all went into different directions.
~Small timeskip~
The room you were currently in was really nice.
Suddenly the door opened.
You tried to find a hiding spot, but you couldn't find any.
You sat down on a couch and waited for them to see you.
"Look, it's the girl with the superpowers!" one of the three men said. "Yeah, you're right the second one said. 
"I would like to talk with her before you bring her to the boss" , the third one said.
The two other men shrugged and left
:iconflags-are-awesome2:flags-are-awesome2 0 2


No Touching! [Flash] by 4as No Touching! [Flash] :icon4as:4as 15,024 4,186 Just Don't by markmak Just Don't :iconmarkmak:markmak 2,259 919 Hetalia Birthday Scenario Game by Esppi Hetalia Birthday Scenario Game :iconesppi:Esppi 6 57 On that day humanity received a grim reminder by LadyGT On that day humanity received a grim reminder :iconladygt:LadyGT 33,332 2,766
Sheltering Home (Homestuck x Reader) Introduction
Sheltering Home (Homestuck x Reader)
You sat in your bed, staring at the clock. It was only 7:23, and the Saturday before winter break. You were alone in your house, since your dad was somewhere in England researching some long-forgotten chapel for his newest book and your mother was touring the country, performing the latest surgery in front of expectant medical students.
You were fairly used to this though; your parents would often disappear for months at a time. It used to be a pain, but now that you were sixteen and in possession of your own driver’s license, you found you can deal. However, it was lonely.
That’s probably why you adopted so many animals from the local animal shelter. Well, that and the fact that your best friend worked there. Beth was 18, and had somehow managed to become the entire weekend staff at the shelter. She would always call you up with some poor animal that was about to be put down and beg you to adopt them.
Since you had both an
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 544 138
Cool Family Portrait Bro by soap-scum Cool Family Portrait Bro :iconsoap-scum:soap-scum 715 58 Free Avatar: Cute Mustache by lufflii Free Avatar: Cute Mustache :iconlufflii:lufflii 144 10
InSaNItY~ Papa!2P!Romano x Child!Reader (Chap 1)
You walked the streets wondering where the Hell you were. You where a new country. The country of _____ to be exact. You had (opposite eye colour) eyes and (short/long) (random hair colour) hair. You where wearing a (colour) dress, that had a rip on the skirt.
‘Where am I? Where did I come from? How did I get here?’ These thoughts found their way into your brain. You began to wander around. It was night so you decided that it would be best not to walk in the streets for fear of being run over.
Suddenly, you bumped into a pair of legs (being as you where just a child and so small at that). “Che?” A voice said. You looked up to see a man with blond hair and a curl sticking out of the right side of his head looking down at you.
“Ciao, bella regazza~! What are you doing out here all alone?” He asked. “Where are your parents?” He questioned. “I-I… I don’t have any…” Your tiny voice squeaked. “Aww~! A bella
:icondeath-wolf-101:Death-Wolf-101 247 51
Hetalia vs Reality by CaptainQuirk Hetalia vs Reality :iconcaptainquirk:CaptainQuirk 141 69
Hetalia Creepypasta: Demon Summoning Song
Hetalia Creepypasta
England's Demon Summoning Song
Hey guys, I'm Ally. I am a huge fan of Hetalia and I love everything about it! From the anime, to the manga, the drama CD's, you name it. My favourite character is England and I am in love with his voice from the Japanese dub...
Now you're probably wondering why I'm talking about all this....right? Well it's because of this one incident that I can never forget....even though I actually want to. It involves this specific character; England....and a special song that is known to all of us fans as "England's Marshmallow Song" or in it's actual title, "England's Demon Summoning Song." 
It was around two thirty in the morning and I was sitting at my desk, working on this Hetalia reader insert. This was just a normal routine for me since it was my summer holidays so my sleeping habits are quite messed up....anyway, as I was saying I was sitting at my desk, my iPod set in the dock of my Hello Kitty speaker (which I gave it
:iconblueberrytealove:BlueberryTeaLove 49 44
I am gay.
I'm not a disease, I'm not a problem
I'm not an affliction
I don't need treatment.
I don't need help
I'm not sick
I'm not confused
I'm not a sin.
I am gay.
I'm your daughter
Your sister
Your friend
Your co worker
Your classmate
Your acquaintance
A complete stranger
I am gay.
I need love, just like you
I need smiles
I need support
I need a hug
I need a friend
I need a family
I need acceptance
I need understanding
I need you
I am gay.
I know what love is
I know what pain is
I know what hate is
I know what life is
I am gay.
And I need you to love me
The same way you loved me before you knew
I am gay.
And I have experienced hate
From more people than just you
I am gay.
And I wont change.
I wont give up.
I wont back down.
I wont pretend.
I wont lie.
I wont deny.
I wont hide.
I wont hurt.
I am gay.
And that's okay.
:iconplaid-rose:Plaid-Rose 10,101 7,474
:jeff: by amis0129 :jeff: :iconamis0129:amis0129 153 80
Hetalia A-B PLZ
:bulletpurple:  Source of Hetalia Plz  :bulletyellow:
:bulletblue: America, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria
:bulletpink: Canada, China, Cuba, Denmark
:bulletyellow: Egypt, England, Estonia, France, Finland
:bulletgreen: Germany, Greece, Holand, Holy Roman Empire, Hong Kong, Hungary
:bulletpurple: Iceland, India, Italy + Romano
:bulletblack: Japan, Korea
:bulletyellow: Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuan
:iconplz-icon:Plz-Icon 295 153
2p!Prussia x Reader ~ Kidnapped ~
"I'll go with . . . Prussia."
Even after the words had left your mouth there was a pause and no one made any moves. You were about to choose someone else til there was a slight tap on your shoulder that cause you to turn around and look at the blue eyed Prussian. The two of you had a short staring contest til a German voice broke the silence.
"You know that you don't have all night to just stare at the frau bruder."
With that said you were then taken by the wrist as the two of you walked out of the house towards your destination. However, on the whole way the Prussian man did not say one single word to you for the whole walk to the restaurant.
~ Time skip to being seated and waiting for food ~
As the two of you waited for your food to arrive you sat in awkward silence, and you knew right at the very beginning. He was quite, and even though both of them looked different, he was the total opposite of his 1p!self. You also could not help but feel a little bored from all the silence so you
:iconnekolexi-chan:NekoLexi-Chan 567 243
2p!N. Italy x Reader ~ Kidnapped ~
"I'll chose . . . N. Italy."
A pair of arms wrapped around your hips as you felt hot air blow down your neck. Your body frozed in place as a pair of lips danced up and down your neck, before a voice purred, "We better get out night started while we still can bella~."
A deep blush spread across your face as you began to struggle against his hold on you as he planted more kisses up and down your neck. While this went on for a few more seconds someone tapped on the dark haired Italian's shoulder. Italy turned a give a glare at the person who interupted him, it was his older blonde brother.
"Fratello, I think that you should take the bella before it gets late." The blonde told his little brother.
The dark haired Italian glared at his brother before giving a harsh, "Fine. . " He then picked you up bridal style and walked out the door with you clinging onto him so you wouldn't fall. All you could think of was where he was taking you and what was gonna happen to you. Italy noticed your discom
:iconnekolexi-chan:NekoLexi-Chan 713 410
Comic Meme Plz
:bulletblue: Comic Meme
:bulletpink: Funny Plz
:bulletyellow: Pedobear
:bulletgreen: Random
:bulletred: No u
:iconplz-icon:Plz-Icon 725 268


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                                                   FRISK (PACIFIST)

[X] You care deeply about others. 

[] You can easily forgive people. 

[X] You are constantly nice to everyone around you. 

[] You're a very social person.


[] You like Cinnamon and/or Butterscotch.

[] Weapons are not your thing.

[X] You like the aspect of time-travel.

[] You hate flowers, especially talking ones.

[X] You hate having to do bad things.

Total: 5


[] You don't care at all about others.

[] You show no mercy.

[] You are constantly mean to everyone around you.

[X] You're a shut-in.


[X] You like demons. 

[X] Weapons are totally your thing.

[X] You like the aspect of time-travel.

[] You hate flowers, but you can respect them.

[] You love to do bad things.
Total: 5


[ ] You are kind of a freaking jerk.

[X] You have dark views of the world

[X] You look pretty cute, but you are actually ruthless and will hurt someone if necessary.

[X] You sometimes don't understand people's emotions.

[] You like making people feel guilty.

[] You enjoy hanging out in caves.

[] You like to surprise people.

[X] You like to have power. All the power.

[] You'll do anything to get on top.

[X] You tend to disturb people.
Total: 5


[] You are a talented cook. 

[X] You are willing to give up anything to save a few simple souls.

[] You live near or in a cave.

[X] You have a fascination in magic.

[X] Fighting isn't your thing, but if you wanted to, you could really hurt someone.

[X] You are incredibly over-protective. 

[] You underestimate people sometimes.

[] You'd make a great caretaker. 

[X] You tend to not be an active force, but rather a passive.

[X] You like to give knowledge.
Total: 6


[] You're a prankster. 

[X] You enjoy bad puns.

[X] You care deeply about your family, even if you don't always show it.

[X] You're always willing to help those in need.

[X] You're a bit of a slacker.

[X] You're fascinated by time lines, multiple universes, things like that.

[] You can go from lovable to bad-ass in nearly a second. 

[] You work a lot of jobs.

[] The place you normally take people to meet up is a restaurant.

[X] You know more than you let on.

Total: 6


[] You enjoy cooking.

[] You think you're pretty freaking awesome, but in all honesty, you're not.

[] You strive for greatness.

[X] You don't have very high standards. 

[] You tend to yell a lot.

[] You put work in front of others.

[X] You get angry when things aren't being accomplished.

[]  You are not very observant.

[X] You hope to achieve respect.

[X] You are inexperienced at dating
Total: 4


[] You have a lot of power.

[X] You believe heavily in justice.

[X] You're the type to hold a grudge.

[] You are a skilled fighter.

[] You are extremely confident.

[] People look up to you.

[] You think spears are cool.

[X] You put your friends before anything else.

[X] You can be a nice person, if whoever you're with is on your good side.

[X] You're reasonably determined.
Total: 5


[] You like science.

[] You have a skill for creating things.

[] You are obsessed with another culture.

[X] You are a bit of a shut-in, not because you want to be. 

[] You s-stutter a, um, lot.

[X] You like anime.

[X] You have a bit of a low self-esteem.

[X] You'll do anything for a friend.

[X] You are fascinated by time travel.

[] You have some secret crushes.
Total: 5


[X] You don't want to hurt anyone or anything. 

[X] You sometimes let your rage block out your judgment.

[] You enjoy gardening.

[] Your family does not have the best relationship.

[X] You are willing to fight for the people you love and care about.

[] You've lost multiple loved ones. 

[] You're strong, even if you don't use your strength to much.

[X] You tend to be pretty quiet.

[] if you want to, you can look totally awesome.

                               [] People tend to look up to you as a leader.                                                                                             Total: 4                                                           


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